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Project Manager Salary: How Much Does A Project Manager Earn?

Last updated on Jun 30,2020 5.5K Views

Swatee Chand
Sr Research Analyst at Edureka. A techno freak who likes to explore... Sr Research Analyst at Edureka. A techno freak who likes to explore different technologies. Likes to follow the technology trends in market and write...
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The success of a project majorly lies on the shoulders of a Project Manager and hence their demand across the industries has skyrocketed. According to PMI, the demand for project managers is growing faster than the demand for workers in any other occupation with an average salary of 72,481 USD per year. Through this article, I will discuss the Project Manager Salary across the globe and industries.

Below are the topics I will be covering in this Project Manager Salary article:

So, let’s get started.

Who is a Project Manager?

Project Managers are the main catalysts of a project. They are responsible for driving a project through various phases of Project Management in a controlled manner. The various phases of Project Management include planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. They also shoulder the responsibility of the entire project scope, project team management, risk estimation along with the various resources needed in the project.

project management - Project Manager Salary - Edureka

Before we delve into the details of Project Manager salary trends, let us first have a brief outlook on various industry job trends.

Project Manager Job Trend

Below table illustrates the number of jobs in different locations in the US according to

LocationNumber of Jobs
New York, NY1166
San Francisco, CA471
Chicago, IL613
Washington, DC566
Boston, MA450


Project Manager Salary Trends

According to, below are graphs depicting the average Project Manager salary for India and salary IN - Project Manager Salary - Edureka

 Project Manager Salary (US)

pm salary IN - Project Manager Salary - Edureka

Project Manager Salary (IND)

For any project to be successful, project management is like the skeleton on the project without which it is bound to crumble down. The importance of project management was realized back in the 19th century but was recognized as a distinct profession in the mid-20th century. Since then, the life of the project management practitioners has never been dull. As per the Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap Report 2017–2027 by PMI®, it is predicted that over the next decade, organizations of all sizes and types will require approx 88 million people working in different project management roles.

Project Managers are responsible for various tasks like providing vision and mission to the project, communicating between teams and stakeholders, increase the efficiency, estimate cost and time, control scope, schedule the work, risk management etc. With all these heavy responsibilities, project managers enjoy the most lavish salaries among all project management practitioners. The average salary of a project manager ranges between $63,411 and $84,531 in the US and approx 1,818,560 in India. But their salary ranges can vary depending on various factors like certifications they hold, additional skills, years of project management experience, type of industry, geography etc.

openings based on salary - Project Manager Salary - EdurekaIn  Project Management, professionals are not judged based on their educational backgrounds. Rather they are majorly hired based on their experience in the field of Project Management. Refer the below plots to gain more insights:

project manager experience - Project Manager Salary - Edureka

Now, let me now segregate the salary trends of a Project Manager.

Project Manager Salary: Company-Based

In this section, I will be listing down the salary offered to a Project Manager by major companies who are on a constant search of the project managers:


Source: Glassdoor

Project Manager Salary: Experience-Based

Entry level Project Manager Salary (US):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
Salary$41,401 – $87,694
Bonus$498 – $10,117
Profit Sharing$305 – $9,648
Commission$1,260 – $25,081
Total Pay$39,767 – $90,784

Entry level Project Manager Salary (IND):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
SalaryRs 237,650 – Rs 1,125,151
BonusRs 4,894 – Rs 154,507
Profit SharingRs 0.00 – Rs 101,164
CommissionRs 26,000
Total PayRs 239,808 – Rs 1,185,568

Mid-Career Project Manager Salary (US):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
Salary$50,778 – $106,103
Bonus$984 – $14,489
Profit Sharing$295 – $10,437
Commission$1,005 – $24,747
Total Pay$49,657 – $112,540

Mid-Career Project Manager Salary (IND):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
SalaryRs 474,757 – Rs 1,727,870
BonusRs 10,107 – Rs 237,792
Profit SharingRs 0.00 – Rs 296,714
CommissionRs 50,000
Total PayRs 488,036 – Rs 1,818,675

Experienced Project Manager Salary (US):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
Salary$55,850 – $122,768
Bonus$986 – $17,899
Profit Sharing$0.00 – $14,737
Commission$1,008 – $25,584
Total Pay$54,231 – $130,831

Experienced Project Manager Salary (IND):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
SalaryRs 715,434 – Rs 2,261,182
BonusRs 25,455 – Rs 350,179
Profit SharingRs 0.00 – Rs 303,391
CommissionRs 50,868
Total PayRs 760,107 – Rs 2,413,644

Late-Career Project Manager Salary (US):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
Salary$57,615 – $132,032
Bonus$962 – $20,348
Profit Sharing$0.00 – $12,954
Commission$1,009 – $28,938
Total Pay$55,329 – $142,146

Late-Career Project Manager Salary (IND):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
SalaryRs 639,006 – Rs 3,517,171
BonusRs 20,067 – Rs 503,353
Profit SharingRs 0.00 – Rs 591,795
Total PayRs 715,980 – Rs 3,629,905

Project Manager Salary: Geography Based

As I have already mentioned, the Project Manager’s salary is influenced by various reasons and one of them is geography. Below I have listed down the geography wise salary distribution:

LocationSalary Range Per Annum
United States$72,481

Project Manager Salary: Certification-Based

There are many project management certifications available in the market which legalizes a professional’s education and experience in project management. Few of the major certifications are:

CertificationSalary Range Per Annum (US)Salary Range Per Annum (IND)
Project management Professional (PMP)® $103,000₹2,000,000
Six Sigma Black Belt$93,864₹1,193,631

Source: PayScale

Well, among all the Project Management Certifications, PMP® Certification and PRINCE2® Certification are the prominent ones. By, going through this, PMP® vs PRINCE2® article, you can get more insights and choose the right certification for yourself.

Project Manager Salary: Industry-Based

Last but definitely not least, the factor that influences a Project Managers salary is the type of industry. Irrespective of the industry, a project manager gets paid heavily but still, there are slight variations. Below I have listed down a few of the industry-based salaries for the certified practitioners. Note that the for certified and non-certified practitioners salaries can vary between 10-22%.

IndustrySalary Range (Worldwide)
General$55,000 – $125,000
Financial/Insurance$114,000 – $144,000
Tech/IT$65,000 – $165,000
Health Care$80,000 – $86,000
Staffing/Consulting$111,000 – $121,000
Engineering$79,000 – $143,000
Travel Services$83,000 – $90,000

Sources: PayScale, Glassdoor, PMI,,, Careerbuilder, Angel List, Robert Half Company

Project Management is an ocean of opportunities, where you are not bounded by the education, industry or location. Thus, if you looking to get into this interesting field, I would say this is the right time.  Just take advantage of the Project Management career opportunities that come your way and achieve the success.

With this, I would like to conclude this article on Project Manager Salary. I hope, you found this article informative.

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Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section of “Project Manager Salary” article and we will get back to you.

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Project Manager Salary: How Much Does A Project Manager Earn?